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At Super Phonics we have great fun with early literacy!


As a teacher with over 17 years of experience in primary and early years education, I pride myself on making learning experiences fun and stimulating for your child.


Super Phonics offers educational resources that support learning through fun and engaging ways, which also aid your child's development. We also offer parental support, found here on the website.

What can you find here at Super Phonics?

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What people say about our products:

Gemma - Phase 2 phonics coins

Just fantastic HIGHLY recommend this product my 4 year old loves segmenting and blending the sounds together with these high quality movable pieces. Thanks so much!!!!

Kathleen - CVC word frame

These are fab quality and wonderful to use alongside the phase 2 and phase 3 phonics coins. I love them. Thank you. Highly recommend seller!

Deborah - Custom order

Excellent communication with the seller who custom made me a wonderful larger dice. The quality is great. Can’t wait to use it with my pre-school children to help them learn the tricky words! Would highly recommend

Gemma - Custom order

Amazing service, product and quality, will definitely outlast myself and my teaching career! Kerri has been amazing in helping to design these Jolly Phonic Tricky Word dice for the 72 Tricky Words in the Jolly phonics programme. She's even matched them to the colours connected to the readers. Can't wait to see more Jolly Phonics related products from Kerri. Thank you 💝

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