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1 - 3 years

Our Sidekick toddler classes are based around carefully chosen rhymes and nursery rhymes. Each 40 minutes session is filled with singing, movement activities and independent activities to explore with your child at their own pace. Our Sidekick sessions will help build the foundations of phonics through speaking and listening activities.

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3 - 5 years

Our Heroes preschool classes introduce the first set of sounds to your child through fun, play based learning activities. Each 45 minute session is based around carefully chosen, quality books & nursery rhymes. In each session you will find some focused teaching of the new sound, independent activities to explore with your child and movement activities to help develop all the muscles needed for coordination and writing.

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Small Child with Large Glasses

Reception & Year 1

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Classes take place at Mellows Park Pavilion on Mondays 4.00-4.45pm. These sessions are based around carefully chosen, quality texts. We learn the final single letter sounds before moving on to digraphs. This class is also suitable for older children who need further support with their phonics before moving onto the complex sounds. Please fill out the form if you would like to join the waiting list for this class.

Elite Squad
Year 1 & 2

Our KS1 classes are based around carefully chosen, quality texts. Each 1 hour session is filled with learning opportunities that build on their previous experiences. We learn new, more complex sounds which will aid their reading and writing development through the phonics screening check and beyond. We continue to develop the muscles needed for writing, learning while having fun!

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