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Rocketing into isolation – All about space

Boarding the spaceship

During the two weeks before Easter we had great fun learning all about space. Here are a few of the activities that we tried. I’ve added the links to online resources where I can so you can try them at home too.

What am I taking in my rocket?

To start our topic the girls write their own lists of the things they wanted to take into space with them. We used this simple list rocket. It was a fun activity where the girls really had to think about what they would take into space.

Alien adding

I used this space themed maths activity book from Twinkl and Masie and I made the work practical. Its very important for young children to use manipulatives to help them understand a problem. In the real world maths normally contains objects or things so enabling children to use objects (manipulatives) will help them understand the pictorial or abstract (symbolic 3+7=10 ) worksheet and helps them develop a deeper understanding.

Alien art in the sun

The girls had creative rein in this activity and were just asked to create a space picture. I set up some glitter glue, alien stickers from Baker Ross, paint pens, washi tape and star stickers. Here’s the result. Hidden within this activity was some fine motor work to remove the backing from the stickers too.


Maisie spent some time reading the non-fiction books in the book corner and asked me about the constellations. We talked about them and then that evening we went outside with binoculars to look at the stars and see if we could see any of the constellations we were reading about. The sky was beautifully clear so they were easy to see!

Comprehension work

As Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon I thought it was important to learn a little about him. We used this comprehension sheet from Twinkl to find the answers to questions in the text. Answering questions on what they have read really helps children develop their understanding.

Apollo 11

We did some research about Neil Armstrong and astronauts using PowerPoint slides. We then watched the Apollo 11 take off on YouTube. The girls loved finding out about where astronauts sleep and how they use the toilet!

Google Earth

As we cant visit loved ones we used Google Earth to check in on them. We typed in their postcodes and zoomed on our spaceship to visit their houses. The girls loved seeing finding their grandparents houses in the street.

Design your own planet

Using this design your own planet sheet from Twinkl the girls got very creative designing their own planets. Dan helped Kodie write hers. Her planet is made from her favourite fruit, Mango! They then got out the paint and painted them too.


Maisie used a Toucan box to make a rocket ship but this could be easily replicated using a kitchen roll tube.

As you can see we’ve been having lots of fun while learning all about space! Let me know if you’ve had a go at any of the activities!



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