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Rocketing into isolation – The set up

Maisie is desperate for some routine as she doesn’t cope well with change so we decided that the dining room could be our makeshift classroom. Maisie decided that our topic for learning should be space. I rummaged around in the loft for my space posters and some resources we could use over the next few weeks. Our first week at home has been spent on a space adventure and we are looking forward to continuing this next week too.

Classroom set up:

I made up some boxes of easy to grab resources. The girls each got some busy bags by My Busy Bots for Christmas so these were a perfect addition to our boxes. They are filled with fun educational tasks that can be grabbed quickly and fill some time while dad and I get on with our own work. Next up are these amazing whiteboards from The Occasional Crafter UK. Kodie has a name and number formation board and Maisie has a cursive letter formation one. The also both have plain ones which are perfect for any thing including maths work, lists, story writing and even drawings. I added some magnetic numbers and letters and then some space resources from Twinkl.

As I am a huge advocate for learning through play we also brought in the builders tray. This one was £40 from Amazon for the tray and stand and its not been put away since last summer. On this I’ve added some space playdough (recipe to follow). Play dough is not only amazing for creativity but it’s a fantastic tool for building hand strength and working on fine motor skills.

We even have a book corner! In one basket we have a range of topic books. Both fiction and non fiction and in the other we have some decodable phonics books. Maisie has loved sitting here and finding out some space facts and reading to her sister.

The last area is the Wedge whiteboard which Maisie has been using to be a teacher and we can also use if she lets us!

In my next blog I'll be showing you a few of the different activities we've been doing this week



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