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  • My dry wipe whiteboards are designed especially with children and education in mind. They are vibrantly coloured with fun characters which make them an inviting learning tool for children of all ages.

    These single sided dry wipe boards are the perfect size for little hands. My boards are not laminated paper but printed directly onto hardboard with a gloss coating. Each board measures approximately 23x19cm (7.5”x 9”) and are 0.125" / 3.17mm thick.

    Product details:

    • Reusable and wipeable

    • Single sided, measuring 23x19cm

    • Printed on durable hardboard

    • Font used in many primary schools

    • Printed with vegan friendly inks

    • Pen included but may vary

    Why are they so fantastic?
    Reusable, easily cleaned and durable, perfect for toddlers all the way up to teens. They wipe clean allowing children to make mistakes and edits to their work which cannot be made on paper. They encourage your child to form letters and numbers correctly. Perfect travel size to take on car rides, public transport and even to keep your children entertained at a restaurant.

    Please note: Screen lighting and brightness may cause varying colours from screen to actual printed product. Your item may arrive with slight colour differences to those your screen shows.

    Sealife print lowercase alphabet Drywipe Whiteboard


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