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Super Phonics Terms & Conditions

By booking your child a space at Super Phonics classes or events you agree to accept the following terms and conditions:


Health & Safety:

By enrolling in Super Phonics classes or events you are agreeing to take full responsibility for the safety and behaviour of ALL your children during the session and whilst within venue grounds. Super Phonics will do its best to provide a safe learning environment, however we will not assume liability for the health and safety of your children whilst in your care. Children should never be left to explore activities without your direct supervision.



If your child has had sickness and/or diarrhoea please do not bring them to a session for 48 hours after their last episode. This is to reduce the risk of infection to other children and class leaders.



A full refund for event or course will be made if cancelled within 7 days of booking provided 72 hours notice has been given before the first class or event takes place. Once a course or class has been attended     payment is NON-REFUNDABLE and no credits will be made. However if you are unable to attend a session you may gift it to a friend but no monetary alternative will be given.

Regrettably we are unable to offer discounts or refunds to cover booked holidays due to continuity of   service. If a class is missed due to ill health we will try to fit you onto a class the same week but this is at the discretion of class leaders and capacity of classes.



If a class is cancelled by Super Phonics a session refund or alternative will be provided.


Food & drinks:

Due to location agreements and allergies please refrain from eating and drinking during sessions. This is with the exception of water.


Mobile phones:

Please refrain from using mobile phones during sessions. Your child will benefit more from the classes with your support and undivided attention.


Photographs and videos may be taken of your OWN child during classes. Please seek permission of the parent/carer of other children that appear in your photographs especially before uploading to social media. However, if a class leader feels your usage is excessive you may be asked to stop.


User Agreement:

Whilst we are happy for you to use Super Phonics class ideas at home permission for other usage is not permitted. By attending classes and events, you and your guests are agreeing not to use any of Super Phonics class materials in schools, commercial or voluntary groups unless you have explicit written        permission from Mrs Kerri A Hibberd. This includes, but is not exclusive of, class content, lesson format, teaching methods, puppets, props and printed materials.



Super Phonics cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage of any personal possessions during   classes or events.

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